Bea Italy - Sunlight in a jewel


About Beatrice

"A radiant smile, a positive attitude and great passion; these are the strong points of Beatrice Bedin.
Beatrice is the young designer of Bea Italy, the brand new label of silver jewelry created in Vicenza, also known as the world-leading capital for jewelry. Beatrice has been able to combine the know-how of the local Italian jewelry tradition to the latest trends of the major cities in Europe, USA and Africa that hold no more secrets for her!
As a curious globetrotter, since the very beginning this bright-eyed girl has always designed the Bea Italy jewels to best represent and express her own lifestyle: care-free, open-minded and luminous. All the earrings, the necklaces and the bracelets are made of silver matched with fresh water pearls, agate, onyx and quartz. This perfect combination gives life to unique and shining creations. All the jewels, even the bigger ones, are lightweight and wearable for every occasion. Every jewel personifies the emotion you want to feel!
Bea Italy, sunlight in a jewel."

Irene D'Agati